Hiking Tour April 30th 2017 Mudna Dol-Hahlic-Obruc-Zala Canyon

Sunday, April 30th 2017, 06:30 in the morning, a departure from my cottage in Gorski Kotar. Cca 45 min drive to village Podkilavac above Rijeka, where is the start of our hike. We're still packing our backpacks, and our local guide was already sniffing around our car. Namely, local trail dog was escorting us all the way till first vertical climb in Mudna Dol canyon. It is always nice to have such a company around. After climbing trough unreal canyon of Mudna Dol, some epic views on Alpine meadows above Kvarner and island  Cres. At that time we're still in base layers despite cold wind blowing. We made short snack-break at mountain house Hahlici, but also we're adding wind stop layer ontop. So it's time to climb to peak Obruc. The trail looks like we are somewhere high in the Alps. At the peak of Obruc, we are exposed to pretty cold wind, so we're rushing to make some photos and are ready to descend, but out of nowhere, 14 hikers from Bosina are popping out, what was pretty surprising. Descend from Obruc at the very beginning is quite interesting, unfortunately very soon hiking trail is transforming to wide forest road full of feet-killing rocks. At that point, I'm starting to feel what a bad decision was to wear light Salomon walking shoes. However, Zala is ahead of us and no time to complain. After quite a long walk and one deer crossing our path, we're finally entering Zala canyon. In the beginning, the canyon is nothing but a dry creek full of rocks. However,  as we are descending, the canyon is becoming deeper, and rocks are much bigger... I will not spoil the surprise of Zala and will stop now.

Resume: it is important to be in good shape,  to wear proper hiking boots and to save some water and energy for the end. Definitely, this is a hike to remember.  9 hours walking, 1300m cumulative altitude ascend, 24,5km distance.

Thx to Slavek who made up this great hike!