The Tandem Skydive Experience, near Zagreb

Tour description:

Tandem skydive is the easiest, quickest and safest way to experience freefall. You´re jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane connected and together with a certified tandem skydive instructor who will take care of you during the whole jump sequence so you can relax and enjoy the whole experience. You will reach a terminal velocity of 200 km/h, and your life will get another dimension.

So what do you get?

Besides an awesome experience of freedom and completely different point of view your tandem skydive experience includes:

Tandem Skydive from up to 3000 meters altitude.
 Up to 35 seconds of freefall.
 Up to 20 minutes of scenic flight while climbing to altitude
 Up to 8 minutes of flight under the parachute.
 Possibility to steer the parachute.
 HANDYCAM HD digital video & photos of your tandem skydive.
 GROUND SHOTS digital photos.
 Diploma for your successful tandem skydive.
 Annual tandem membership in skydive club
 Small jump log book.
 USPA A licence proficiency card.
 Skydive team T-shirt.
 Jump with a USPA rated tandem instructor within a USPA certified skydive operation.

Price starting from 300 EUR / person.

Duration: 1,5 hrs



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