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4REAL Adventure Travel is designed as an online booking platform for adventurers.test
So, how does it works? You are booking adventures, day by day and creating your individual customized adventure in 4 different divisions: 4GROUND, 4WATER, 4AIR and 4DAY OFF.
Further, you can purchase additional travel insurance on 4Insurance site, directly with our insurance partner UNIQA. 

In each booking form there is also an option to book: transfer, stay, lunch, dinner and you can rent-a-mountain bikes. The process is straightforward, follow booking form and after completion, click on book now. Chosen adventures, selection and dates will be stored in your basket, like on any other online store. There is only one principle: every adventure is one-day activity (check duration for each adventure). When you're done with adventure selection, please check/edit your basket and adventure selection. By clicking on getting a quote, additional few lines to fill in will pop out (your data, contact details etc.).

Your request is then e-mailed to 4REAL Adventure Travel team. In a maximum of two working days, 4REAL Adventure Travel will come back with a quotation and proforma invoice for payment.
Once your adventure is paid in full, your term is booked, and you will receive an invoice by e-mail. Invoice is proof of your purchase—payment option is bank transfer only.

Shortly about three main 4REAL divisions:

4GROUND is mainly connected to MTB rides, what is our core, body and soul. 

4WATER is about River Rafting, whitewater kayaking up to class 3 (4 in extreme conditions). 

4AIR is for people of good health and adrenaline addicts, tandem skydiving.

4DAY OFF adventure free day, if you'll need one, please book here.

In case you have any additional questions, pls reach for a contact form in the upper right corner of your screen.

Thank You!

4REAL Adventure Travel

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