Vjeran Ortynski

Founder, MTB Guide

I'm 43 years old passionate  MTB-er. MTB guide, 2017 HR licence number: 4032.
I love to travel. Specially I love  family road trips in oversea countries. So, when are making travelling plans, we we're always looking for tool like 4REAL web site, where you can make vacation planning on one page in order to cut down endless hours of internet searching for: day trips, transfers, rent-a-gear, guides, accommodation, etc.
My other hobbies: trail building, whitwater kayaking, rafting, hiking, fishing. 

Kole Mihajlov

MTB Guide

I was born in Čakovec, northwest of Croatia in 1982, where I finished high school. I got my faculty degree as a physical education teacher on Faculty of Kinesiology, Zagreb in 2006. I was working for 7 years in Čakovec in Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts as an educational expert, and for the last 2.5 years I am working in Ministry of Economy in Zagreb on EU projects and programs. If I would have to describe myself in a few words, that would be sports, recreation and nature. My basic sport is volleyball which I was playing professionally, and still today beside my job in The Ministry of Economy, I work as a volleyball coach to. Except volleyball, there are numerous activities that I love. Mountain biking is my second big love for the past 15 years. I was never a competitor in cycling, but recreationally I went through a lot of beautiful trails in Croatia, like Gorski kotar, Risnjak, Platak, Bjelolasica, Plitvice, Medvednica, Velebit, Žumberak, Kalnik, Ivanščica, Međimurje wine road, some of numerous islands in Croatia and also mountains in Slovenia, Austria and the south of France. I just love to get lost in the woods and the mountains and to follow routes with or without GPS just following maps and markings. I love to do orientation in the nature and to explore truly unique trails and beautiful landscape that Croatia has to offer. Except cycling, I do Nordic walking, skiing, kayaking, diving and hiking, and I just belong out in the nature. I have a lot of experience in coaching, leading groups and organizing indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities and workout programs. I am a very social and communicative person and I just love being with people. I am also an expert in nutrition what I have learned on Faculty of Kinesiology and through all these years of sports, and I am a big supporter of healthy and active lifestyle.

Igor Kramarić

MTB Guide

I am an active outdoor person. Being a fanatic MTB and mountaineer. My interest for bikes is based both on my educational and sports background: I am electrical engineer, bike mechanic and use to be XC racer.

I love to be outside and active. Cubicle walls are my enemy. I got this passion from my grandma who bought me my first bike when I was three, I am now 40 and I still ride it with the same pleasure. She also showed me beauty of climbing mountains. I knew Medvednica well before I went to school. As a former XC racer I learned that roaming gives me much more pleasure than races. Through racing career, I picked up some knowledge about fitness and bikes. I used to work as a bike mechanic but I found out I rather ride bikes and spend my time outside. Either on bike or by foot, being outdoors and connecting with nature remains my greatest passion. Climbing mountains and facing the ultimate enemy that opposes you on every step, yourself. Seeking for ultimate chill, that perfect spot, that sun ray that will keep you warm inside for days to come.


Dalibor Bančić

MTB Guide

I was born in 1979 in Pula. I graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb in 2008. I work as a trainer of individual and group programs in recreation. My first encounter with sport was through Triathlon and Duathlon as a junior, and I continued with the cross-country mountain bike discipline in the elite category. Throughout the years, competitive spirit and love for cycling remains but races are less and less. Today I am transferring my love for sports, especially for cycling and swimming to my son. I enjoy all areas of recreation with my family and friends and I often go on mountain bike tours, hiking, sailing, kayaking, paragliding and outdoors in general with them.