Brestwood, MTB Trail Ride For Beginners, Zagreb

Tour description:

Brestwood is located between Gornja Dubrava and Sesvete, Zagreb east. This huge forrest is full of singletracks and is great place to ride during weekdays, afterwork rides, training or beginners. Surface is dirt 100% and is all singletrack. Even experienced riders will enjoy this trail system because it looks like you are so deep in forrest, but at the same time is so close to the city. Encountering roebucks and salmanders (when is rainy) is common thing.  Ride is starting in Sesvete at the parking lot behind the high school. End is at the same place. Average ride is 25-30 km, but can be extended, by repeating some scetions on demand. Usually it will take 2 hours for a ride. Elevation: cca 500m. 

Price is starting from 30 EUR / person (depends of group size).

Duration: 2 Hrs

Lenght: 25-30 Km


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