Lipa - Medvednica East MTB Ride

Tour description:

Medvednica, mountain above Zagreb, Croatian capital is considered as a cradle of Mountainbiking in Croatia. It offers many well known trails for epic MTB rides. While majority of the famous trails are located in central / western part of Medvednica, we will take to less explored and less known eastern part: Lipa. Self supported tour around 40 km, 1000m of elevation and various terrains to ride. Asphalt (25%), Macadam (10%), single and double track (65%). It will take up to 3,5 hours of pedaling. Tour is starting and finishing in Sesvete, near Zagreb. It is not XC, ENDURO, AM, because it has it all. This is simply mountainbiking as it supposed to be. Two hike section at the end of the climb, will be pushing you to check your limits. If that is not enough, we have extension and for sure, we can make it little bit more fun / difficult, you just need to ask. So in case you are arriving to Zagreb first, this is perfect way to start your Croatian MTB adventure. 

Price starting from EUR 45 / person (depends of group size).

Duration: +3,5 Hrs

Lenght: 40 Km


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